Google announces native Android app support for Chrome OS

 28 June,2014
Google announces native Android app support for Chrome OS

When Google handed over command of Android to Sundar Pichai many predicted synergy between Android and Chrome OS, which were essentially polar opposites. At Google I/O this has finally happened as Google has added native Android app support in Chrome OS.

Google I/O was held on June 25 in the US.
Google I/O was held on June 25 in the US.
In fact this is just the tip of the ice-berg. Google is propagating a new design language that it calls "Material Design" that will span the web, Android and Chrome OS.

"We're in early days," Sundar Pichai, Google's Chrome and Android chief, said on stage at Google's I/O developer conference.

The company demonstrated Android apps for Evernote, Flipboard, and Vine woking on a ChromeBook Pixel. The apps can appear tall phone sized or wide like they were a tablet app.

One of the challenges that Google faces is that Android apps are designed for touchscreens, while most ChromeBooks don't have one. The ChromeBook Pixel is an exception being a truly high-end product.

However, Google says that it is doing some plumbing on the back-end so that these apps also work well with a keyboard and mouse.

Google, earlier in the year unveiled Project Athena, which focuses on the touch input for Chrome OS. Things like a virtual keyboard, a card based Google Now like interface and a new app launcher were unveiled.

Also, Google announced that Android users will gain access to Android notifications and will have the ability to take phone calls from their Chrome OS notebook. Apple also unveiled something similar for OSX Yosemite at WWDC earlier in the month.

Google is also adding a neat feature where the phone or the notebook will be unlocked when they are in close proximity. Google will also sign in the user on the ChromeBook on all Google products when the Android phone is in close proximity.

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